A Gestalt Integrative Method

The Gestalt Integrative Method is created around relational methodology well-suited to support the couple system, which is the primary focus within this method. Based on phenomenological and existential philosophy the method also focuses on the experience and process between the partners and is not an analysis carried out by an expert. The therapist will invite for an exploration of the struggle and we believe that through this process you as a couple, as well as individuals, will have more awareness of what is going on, and through this more of a choice. The therapist is not invested in the outcome of the therapy, if you will continue together or if you decide to separate. The therapist is focused on supporting dynamic contact and facilitate exploration of difficulties, stagnation or support intimacy and autonomy within the relationship. Therapy means development in greek, so a therapeutic situation can also be to invest in your relationship without any particular problem at stake.

The Gestalt Integrative Method is research-based, and for more information please look at the page for research and the trainings. All the therapists you will find on the website have participated in the entire advanced training in couple therapy, four modules, based on the Gestalt Integrative Method. They also continue to professional development in this co-created global community.

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The Gestalt Integrative Method for couple therapy is based on doctoral research by Vibeke Visnes from Oslo, Norway. The research, a theory-building case study, was conducted during the years 2016 – 2022 and accredited at Metanoia Institute and Middlesex University, London, UK.

The advanced training program is created based on the research findings in how to support therapists to work with the complexities within the couple therapy situation. It requires a well-informed practitioner and we are glad to be able to bring forward a research-based method with many competent practitioners where we are working towards a global network of therapists.

“Couples often come to therapy because they do not reach each other. A therapeutic task is to support the couple to see, hear and meet each other illustrated by the infinity symbol between. It is the relationship that is the client and not the individual partners”

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Module 1 (3 days)

Gestalt Integrative Institute is a global network of psychotherapists and supervisors created by Dr. Vibeke Visnes from Norway. In her doctoral research from 2022 (Link to Research gate? Or reference the thesis?), Dr. Visnes created a Gestalt Integrative Method for Couple Therapy. Dr. Visnes has since presented the research on conferences and does Advanced Trainings in Couple Therapy worldwide.

The Gestalt Integrative Institute was created in 2023 to make it easy for couples to find a therapist through the webportal (find a therapist), to support couple therapists through trainings, workshops and an alumni-page for collaborations across the countries, and to work for more research within the existential, humanistic, integrative method.


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Gestalt therapy is founded on a particular relational perspective and is often referred to as a therapy of contact and not a method of analysing the psyche (psycho therapy).

Being rooted in existentialism, this therapeutic stance to human (psychological) suffering and stagnation, id regarded as conditions of being human. Existential philosophy and psychotherapy is concerned with how can we understand and meet challenges, and not be overly invested in conceptualisation of healthy and unhealty. We live within a spectrum of differences and life adjustments.

The phenomenological perspective is concerned with the lived experience as the primary source of information. How do you experience and describe the qualities of the situation you are living.


The Gestalt Integrative Institute is leaning on Dr. Visnes´doctoral research from 2022 where she created a Gestalt Integrative Method for Couple Therapy consiting of a Relational Process Model and a Gestalt Integrative Model of Phenomenological Domains. The research was a qualitative, theory-building case study research carried out at Metanoia Institute, Middlesex University, London, UK during the years 2016-2022. Six therapists participated in the research project and they had two couples over five sessions each. To read about the research – link to Research gate.

Dr. Visnes with her Focus Group Dialogue


The philosophical concepts of the Gestalt Integrative Institute form a holistically based therapeutic stance, where the therapist and clients (couples) align. The I meeting you, and the therapists is not regarded an expert who knows best about your challenges. The challenges are to be explored within the relationship itself with support from the competencies of a well-informed practitioner.

Ethics and GDPR

The Gestalt Integrative Method is created, and researched, to support therapists in conducting ethical couple therapy. Couple therapy is regarded as the most complex of therapeutic practices. The Relational Process Method is created to keep a balanced approach in couple therapy , to ensure a therapeutic relationship where the couple is the client and not the individual partners. This entails certain perspectives within the practice to avoid a therapeutic alliance with one of the partners on behalf of the therapist, which is often a consequence of interventions on individual based couple therapy modalities:

• The therapist will not meet with any of the partners prior to receiving the couple.
• The pre-contact to schedule appointments is preferably by mail.
• The therapist needs little information about the issues prior to the appointment.

These are not fixed rules, but recommendations to ensure that both partners will perceive the therapeutic situation as safe and balanced as possible. The therapeutic relationship is regarded as the most important factor for a successful outcome, hence the Gestalt Integrative Method leans on, what we find a unique relational theoretical platform.

Each member is part of the EAGT or a national equivalent organisation to ensure professional codes of conduct. The memberships as well as legislation within each of the countries are explained at the personal members website. This includes the GDPR legislation. Each member is his/her/they selves responsible for the ethical codes of conduct and insurances as defined by their professional organisation.


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