The Gestalt Integrative Institute has emerged as a post doctoral project by Dr. Vibeke Visnes following her doctoral research in couple therapy conducted during the years 2016-2022 at Metanoia Institute, Middlesex University, London, UK.

The research projcet was a theory-building, qualitative case study in the field of couple therapy. Based on Gestalt, phenomenological and relational methodology, she created a Gestalt Integrative Method for Couple Therapy comprising of a Relational Process Model and a Gestalt Integrative Model of Phenomenological Domains to support therapists to raise awareness and grade interventions in the complex field of couple therapy. The research was comprised of 12 clinical case studies and she used an abductive method to inform the construction of theory.

Today Dr. Visnes is doing advanced trainings in couple therapy worldwide and she has presented at conferences in Hamburg, Madrid and upcoming is Veracruz, Mexico. The post doctoral research project, a single case time series, is presently in creation as a collaboratory study.

If you want to donate for fundings of couple therapy research please contact our chair, Elin Ruhlin Juvsland at

Do you want to read more about the research please follow the link to Visnes own research.

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Dr. Vibeke Visnes, Norway
Post Doctoral Research

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